People Work is more than just a workspace. We aim to create a better way of working by providing entrepreneurs a creative environment that fosters innovation. We let you forget about utility bills, dealing with service providers and other issues that might distract you from work. People Work offers you so much more than an office — we offer an engaged community to expand your professional and personal network.

Coworking is revolutionising the traditional office space. Freelancers, solo-entrepreneurs and companies are sharing workspace and getting the most of what it has to offer — great value for money.


Who is People Work for?

Freelancer – going freelance, workers might lose their social infrastructure. A shared workspace would make lives easier, it would take these distractions away so that residents can focus on what really matters business development.

Startup – many startups or small businesses are beyond the point where they can work at home or in a small office, but are not ready to sign a rent yet. People Work offers you a professional office where you can work, meet with clients, and make connections grow.

Company – although many companies would consider that it should have a classic office without creativity to avoid the loss of concentration. As the result, the employees may become uninspired people. So, what do you do? The answer is — start looking for a coworking space to explore innovations.


Our membership includes:

Workspace: You can choose between a Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk or a Private Office. People Work offers unique, cosy and urban design for you to feel comfortable while at the same time being uber efficient.

24/7: Your clients wake up when we go to bed? Or maybe you’re most productive during night hours? That’s not an issue, because we are open 24/7. CoWork without any borders!

Meeting rooms: A certain number of hours is included in your membership. However we rent out our meeting rooms to other people and companies. Feel free to contact us and find out more info on pricing and availability. We’re very affordable. Promise.

Infrastructure: Parking, WiFi, phone booths, copiers, printers, beverages, community manager, meeting rooms — we’re doing our best to make WORK — your only priority. For anything out of the ordinary just contact your community manager. We’ll take care of everything. You focus on your Big Idea.

Flexibility: You wish to cancel your membership? No strings attached — just warn us a month before you move out. Otherwise we are happy to offer you our “Community membership” that will allow you to access our events and our digital platform.

Network: Expand your professional and personal network. We are open to people from all industries. You can find clients and partners within the community. Don’t forget about our regular in-house events hosted to share knowledge and experience.

Our core values are:

Community: The People are our primary source of inspiration, knowledge & support.

Support: People believes in small business and provides support and mentorship to entrepreneurs within the community and outside of it. We are also about championing those within the community to help smooth the path to their success for others.

Passion: We believe the secret ingredients common to every success story are persistence and passion. Pursue what you believe and make ideas happen. People Work is here to help you along the way.

Inspiration: Whilst passion comes from within, inspiration is found in your surroundings. People Work provides you with a unique stylish design of the workspace and a community that will inspire you every single day.

Openness: We support open and honest exchange of information and ideas within the community.

Evolution: People Work believes that in the constantly evolving world the business has to change too. We always strive to become better and to improve together with the People.