Our events are an integral part of the People Work experience. They are a chance for you to learn, speak, network, get inspired and get reinvigorated for the challenging road ahead.

We know how important it is today to evolve and to never stop learning. This is crucial to professional, as well as personal growth. This is why we have taken care of everything, so that you can enjoy various events in People Work. Learn about best case studies, exchange knowledge and experience, meet other professionals — get inspired!

People Work is hosting interesting events each month for you to enjoy. By the way, you don’t have to be a member to visit. So book now!

Past events

17 Jan
CO-CREATION Road to better public services
“CO-CREATION Road to better public service” conference organised by Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia.
13 Dec
Marketing of tourism products - from product positioning to successful marketing strategy
“Marketing of tourism products - from product positioning to successful marketing strategy", during which experienced digital marketing professionals K.Patmalnieks, I.Zolneroviča and J.Birģelis shared tips on positioning the product on the market and creating a successful digital marketing strategy.
5 Dec
Presentation of CODELEX programmer school and course, answers to  future programmers questions.
4 Dec
“State Real Estate” seminar for public sector participants
The basics of real estate management - aimed at clients property value recovery and growth.
Future management - present-day solutions that will pay off in the future.
17 Oct
Find out what is the role of goals, missions and visions in the company's structure, and learn more about the tools for more effective business management.
13 Oct
National eTwinning confrence
School teams presented six successful co-operation projects from the lats year at the national eTwinning conference.
5 Oct
Student Business Incubator of The University of Latvia hosted the business opportunity conference “ICEBREAKERS’18”, which brought together more than 200 students, startups and business enthusiasts.
17 Sep
Indola Street Style Collection FALL/WINTER `18
The presentation of the latest Indola Street Style collection.
6 Sep
Usability testing for improving sites and applications
Showing how to conduct user testing without having special skills and budget.
28 Aug
#13 DigiVakars “How to start digital business”
How To Start A successful digital business? What is the key to business success or, on the contrary, the most common mistakes?
9 Aug
VISMA Hachathon
VISMA Hachathon
19 Jun
Pich Event with NatWest for Fintech startups
Opportunity for Fintech startups to find partners in UK.
14 Jun
Adform Pop-up Office
Get useful information about digital campaigns, effective media purchases.
6 Jun
Influencers DigiVakars
Real influencers stories and tips on how to become successful influencers in the digital environment.
1 Jun
3D printing tech
All technologically-minded, business representatives and 3D printing technology enthusiasts are invited to participate in Hackathon to uncover unlimited technology opportunities for 48 hours.
30 May
Luck and success in crowdfunding.
25 May
Boost your business
On May 25, 2018, digital marketing agency Infinitum, in collaboration with Google is organizing a seminar in Riga on Big data and analytics – Boost Your Business by using Large Scale Online Data and Analytics.
24 May
School of success
An event for the youth to learn and communicate with three leaders in different fields- human resources, entrepreneurship and digital marketing.
16 May
Tez Tour event
Latest news and offers for travelling!
15 May
Resto-rātors event
Resto-rātors event
10 May
Hockey evening
Celebrate the end of a working day with some good Latvian ice-hockey! Feel free to bring some snacks and drinks and join our sport fans!
7 May
Norvik Bank Event
Norvik Bank Event
21 Apr
Human centered design workshop
You’re invited to learn about human-centered design in a one-day hands-on workshop. Using the process and tools developed by IDEO, Stanford D. Lab, Plus Acumen, and others this workshop will introduce you to human-centered design, get you out in the field, and prototyping and testing your ideas.
13 Apr
Game Night
With hard work comes great reward!

First People Game Night including different table games, quizzes, table tennis, xbox and refreshing drinks with the best colleagues!

Free entry.
28 Mar
IT recruitment
Organised by LikeIT, to help you get the best results when seeking for a new job in IT sphere!
13 Mar
Future of branding through VR perspective
21st century digital infrastructure is giving rise to a new sharing economy that is transforming the way we manage and move economic life.

Communication methods, values and the role of brand in ones life is changing. Where do we go from here?

We’ll experience VR and discuss what we can learn about audiences, brand positioning and communication through analysis of this rapidly growing medium and best VR case-studies.
13 Mar
H1 Product Kickoff
Be the first one to know about upcoming products and betas from Google point of view.
8 Mar
If P&C Insurance AS Latvijas filiāle
‘’If P&C Insurance AS Latvijas filiāle’’, vadošās risku apdrošināšanas kompānija Latvijā, organizēts pasākums.
2 Mar
Movie night
See how our conference hall turns into cozy cinema.

Get comfortable and prepare for some great movie night!
26 Feb
Norvik Bank
Event by Norvik Bank- one of the leading banks in Latvia
23 Feb
E-mail marketing course
E-mail marketing course
21 Feb
The program of business growth from ‘’SEB Bank’’
The program of business growth from ‘’SEB Bank’’. Speech Jeff Burton, co-founded Electronic Arts
19 Feb
Satura mārketings nav vienas nakts sakars! (Infinitum 8)
Marketing special meet-up, where 4 professionals of their field will share their experience and vision about marketing tendencies of 2018.
19 Feb
Facebook ads course
Facebook ads course
16 Feb
Event organised by biggest local media
16 Feb
Google Analytics Fundamental course
Google Analytics Fundamental course.
15 Feb
People Networking
On 15th of November first People Networking event took place- a great oppurtunity to get new business contacts!
14 Feb
Shadow day in coworking
Shadow day in coworking
7 Feb
Riga Venture Summit 2018
On February 7, 2018 Riga Venture Summit will bring leading Baltic startup minds and host international experts to zoom into discussions about most effective practice to develop in cooperation among Startups and Corporates.
6 Feb
AdWords Fundamental
AdWords Fundamental
5 Feb
Google Analytics Fundamental course
Google Analytics Fundamental course.
1 Feb
Digital marketing planning
Digital marketing planning
30 Jan
Colliers (an international real estate consulting agency) event.
30 Jan
Norvik Banka
Event by Norvik Bank- one of the leading banks in Latvia
24 Jan
Digital marketing course
Digital marketing course
18 Jan
The Ping-Pong Championship
The Ping-Pong Championship among residents of coworking People Work.
7 Dec
Andrey Sebrant: "The machines have learned to learn well and why this applies to every one"
Andrey Sebrant, the Director of marketing services of Yandex, one of the first people of Ru-Net, will talk about how processes in business become more and more automatised, although they were considered impossible to be automatised (all from metallurgy to simultaneous translations), and also what are the consequences of changing the interfaces of a diverse technology and informational systems.
6 Dec
RigaJS kickoff meetup
6th of December we'll kick off a series of RigaJS meetups to give us some place to network, discuss technology and exchange ideas moving JS community forward.
4 Dec
IT Hackathon
Event for IT professionals organized by If P&C Insurance AS Latvijas filiāle - the leading risk insurance company in the Baltic States.
1 Dec
"Reality Check" conference
2AnnasIFF in cooperation with the technology startup community TechHub Riga and support of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region project “CrossMotion” brings you an immersive REALITY CHECK!
30 Nov
"Diletantskie chteniya" with Alexei Venediktov and Dmitry Bykov
The topic of this lecture in Riga will be “Alexander Blok and a hundred years of the Russian revolution”. The Editor-in-Chief of “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov and the famous Russian writer, poet and journalist Dmirty Bykov will discuss the anniversary of the Russian revolution.
1 Nov
Digital Freedom Festival discussion «Money and cybersecurity»
During our first Fintech discussion we asked our friends (around a hundred in the room) who has real cash in their pocket, and only few raised their hands. We all have our money on credit & debit and other types of cards. This brings us to the question - how safe is our money in the cyber-security insecurity era?